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Ghent Easter Rugby is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

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Ghent Easter Rugby



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Julien Vander Haeghen

Julien Vander Haeghen

Head of strategy
Nathan Impe

Nathan Impe

General director
Stefanie Schroé

Stefanie Schroé

Art director


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Ghent easter rugby

Theme Party

The saturday night theme of the party will be announced soon. We are very excited to see you all in your awesome outfits. Like every year there will be a best dress competition.

Ghent easter rugby

Aftermovie 2017

Attention, attention! It’s finally here, the Ghent Easter Rugby 2017 official aftermovie! ? Re-live some of the best moments (maybe fill in some blanks) and get hyped for the edition next year. ? ? Thanks Read more…

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